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It’s what you do…that defines you.

Published / by Nimesh

Everyone has gone through ups and downs in life. Struggle begins even before a baby is born. Baby struggles to come out. That struggle gives it strength to survive the coming days.

A kid struggles with first word, with first step, with first day in school, with exams and so on…all these little wins give the kid strength to climb ahead in life.

Such highs and lows are at each phase of our life, going through which gives us inspiration and strength to step ahead.

The Butterfly life cycle teaches us the basics of life…

Eggs-the insect has to break the shell to come out; one has to get out of comfort zone to bring about a change.

Larva-the caterpillar stage, where it has to gather enough resources that will suffice the next stage; plan the future.

Pupa-it’s what I call as introspection phase, where you are transforming for the next level. This metamorphosis has to happen to leverage your inner strengths and build on it to achieve better phases ahead; improvise for good.

Butterfly– the final stage, where you spread the beautiful colours of happiness; I think of it as giving back to the family and society.

You win some, you lose some. But then that’s what the life is all about.